december goals

December 2009 is upon us!  Though, I am already projecting myself into next year.  What will be in store?  Before I look forward, I will reflect on November's goals.

1.  Create a mailing list for snail mail.  This will be geared towards sending out promo postcards to potential clients for my illustration services.  (also for friends! sign up here! )

Done!  Well, I have the labels hand written.  Gotta enter into a database before I mail out.  Next time it'll be more automated!  Sign up here if you want a free 2010 Calendar Postcard!

2.  Finish the fancy postcard and send to the printer.  Get ready to mail out in December for the holidays. 


3.  Print fabric of my own design in screen printing.  Test out other materials to print on to broaden my screen printing knowledge.

Done!  I made some tote bags.  I will post when I'm ready to sell 'em!

4.  Update my physical portfolio.  I recently updated my online portfolio, now my book has to get up to speed!

Mostly done, just gotta add a page of paintings…

5.  Scan in my paintings and test out printing archival reproduction prints of my paintings and illustrations on my new archival Epson printer.  Got the paper and ink.  Just gotta make it happen!  Then, sell on Etsy!

Mostly done.  I am selling prints of some illustrations on Etsy!  Haven't scanned in my paintings yet.  That will take a long time scanning in all the parts and putting back together in Photoshop….  So, not just yet.

OK!  I made awesome progress in November!  Here's goals for December!

1.  Practice painting fast so that I'm ready for a LIVE PAINTING event I'm doing called (what's with all the HOOPLA!)

2.  Make a mini portfolio to mail out.  In researching submission guidelines of companies via the 2010 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market, I discovered that many would like a few examples of work.  I'd love more textile design and publication illustration work, so I'm gonna mail out either little books or a brochure.

3.  Create and maintain a mailing list database.

4.  Sell my first e-book, a tutorial on creating repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator:  for textile design, wallpaper, whatever!

5.  Work on my 'zine. It will showcase my sketches and tips on How to Be an Artist!

Thank you Modish Biz Tips for facilitating the goals meet-up.  I know Modish will be heading in a new direction soon, but I appreciate the forum to share my goals and support other fellow creatives!

Stay tuned to see how I fare at accomplishing my goals this month!  Then, onto 2010!

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8 responses to “december goals”

  1. SpiderTeo Teo

    Hey, so what’s this ‘zine you speak of?

  2. Lindsey

    wows you did really great last month, congrats! :)

  3. Liz

    Wonderful November. Your prints and art are lovely, and I hope you have a chance to scan some of your paintings and get those up in your shop too! Your December goals are great, hope you get some licenses thru the Designers Market book…

  4. Lindsay

    Good luck. They sound like good solid goals.

  5. deb

    wow, you did great for november – hope december is even better! happy holidays!

  6. aileen

    Thanks for the support, everyone!!

    Teo, the ‘zine doesn’t exist yet! All in my brain. I used to do a ‘zine in high school. Gettin’ back to my roots!

    Liz, thank you for looking at my art + for the compliments! Hope you stop by next month to check on my progress!

  7. Amanda

    Live Painting…that sounds like fun. Good luck with all your goals.

    I think snail mail needs to stay alive. It’s harder to “delete” something tangible. People are more likely to look at it.

  8. Candied Fabrics

    Looks like the goals are moving along – don’t you just love mail chimp? Have a great month!

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