My mission statement

Mission Statement

I've been working hard on defining what my self-brand represents and what I'd like to convey with my blog.  My goal here is to be transparent in my creative process so that folks will gain a greater understanding of my art and hopefully be inspired to pursue their creative dreams.  So, with that, here's my mission statement:

"Here you will find sexy and sassy vintage-inspired girly artwork by Aileen Holmes.  I will share with you all aspects of my creative lifestyle:  share the seeds of my inspiration, artwork in all stages of creation, and the fruits of my labors–new product and happy announcements.  I hope to convey to everyone that creativity is a lifestyle infused into all aspects of life, and I hope to inspire everyone to pursue their dreams."


The Artist's Way

I'd also like to share with you that I'm so excited to be starting "The Artist's Way" group tomorrow!  We will be reading "Walking in this World", a follow-up to Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" book.  If you all haven't read Julia Cameron's books, I highly recommend it.  It's all about unblocking whatever is in the way of you being creative by having a daily regimen of writing, treating yourself, and filling the well of inspiration.

Here's one customized journal from 2009:

Stay tuned for updates on "The Artist's Way."  I'll post more customized journals from the past…  and future ones too!

Do any of you all journal?  If so, how has it helped your creative process?

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6 responses to “My mission statement”

  1. Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock

    Great mission statement! Looking forward to your 52 week posts!

  2. Marilyn

    The Artist Way changed my life. Honestly. It did.

  3. aileen

    Thank you, Yazmin! Good luck with your blog too!

    Marilyn, I know, right?? It’s helped me convert those swirling immobilizing thoughts into action–like magic!

  4. Live a Colorful Life

    Awesome mission statement. I’m still working on mine.


    Yup, this is a great mission statement! Can’t wait to see it unfold!

  6. Brandi

    Stopping by to say hello from 52! Excellent mission statement – can’t wait to see what evolves!

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