OC Arts & Culture feature + 2010 Goals

I'm SO excited to tell you all that I've been featured in the OC Arts & Culture Artist Spotlight.  You can read about my history, inspiration and all sorts of fun facts!



I'm participating in the Meet Up which is a monthly goal sharing group which is the new version of the Modish Biztips goal group.  I'd love to share my future goals and highlight some past accomplishments in 2009.  It's all about progress and an artist's career is ever evolving!  I'm happy to share with you the nitty gritty of my creative business.

2009 recap

  • Designed graphics, prints, and accessories for Mattel's Barbie Consumer Products division thru July 2009
  • Displayed art at numerous shows at the ARTery Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA
  • Launched my Etsy shop selling tees and art prints in November 2009
  • Began working full-time from home providing design services to numerous clients
  • Took a screen printing class expanding my skillset and created new artwork

December 2009 recap

  • Live painted at Orange Coast College's gallery for a benefit for OCC clubs
  • Sent my 2010 postcard out to 100+ magazines, apparel companies, art galleries, publishers and, of course, friends and family
  • Started working on an artist self-help illustrated 'zine/mini comic book.  Hope to release for Comic Con 2010!

January 2010 Goals

  • Taxes!
  • Set up accounting system.  I guess Quicken for the Mac?  Suggestions?  Would like to set up sales taxes and get a resellers license in preparation for selling at local craft fairs
  • Keep working on my mini portfolio to send to textile design houses and apparel companies
  • Start the next Artist's Way group on Sunday!  It's at The Art Bar in Santa Ana, if you want to participate!

Thanks for witnessing my goals.  It motivates me to stay on track!  What are some of your goals for 2010?


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9 responses to “OC Arts & Culture feature + 2010 Goals”

  1. Angie

    Ok, first off… LOVE LOVE LOVE your photo. Simply perfect. What an amazing year you’ve had! You must be elated. I’m particularly excited about your comic book. I can’t wait to hear more about it.

    I too, am struggling with how to set up my finances on my Mac. I’m told Quicken for Mac will be released in February. Until them I’m trying a spreadsheet system. I’d love to hear if you find a good method.

    Here’s to an amazing 2010!

  2. Anna

    I just read your interview, how fabulous!! That’s a definite goal for 2010 with the business – a more streamlined, efficient accounting system. I’d love to see what you end up choosing and what you think of it.

    For non-biz goals this year, my main theme is exploration and creativity, spending a lot more time sitting down and getting into a creative, crafty zone for the pure pleasure of it.

  3. gaia

    Yay another illustrator in the Meetup group! Nice to meet you… I love your recaps! Why didn’t I do that? Have you checked out Daily Worth.com? They might have some accounting ideas…

  4. deb

    These are great goals, really focused!! Sounds like you are on a great path to achieving good things this year. Good luck for Jan!

  5. Cyn

    Congratulations on the OC spotlight piece! That’s wonderful and it’s well done. And you do seem like the “Jill of all trades!”

    Good luck with your goals this month, Aileen. I’ll *see* you at #indiebizchat! And would you mind sharing where you got that cute sweater you’re wearing in the photo?

  6. Liz

    Love that photo of you up there… SO cool.

    For tax stuff, I use Quicken on a MAc, I saw above that someone else said it’s coming out in Feb, I have the 2006 version that works great. [And thanks Gaia for the dailyworth reminder] . What kinds of things are you designing to send out to fabric and apparel houses? Would Love to see! Have a great January!

  7. aileen

    Thanks for the comments everyone. : )

    Angie- Thanks, my boyfriend took that photo! Thx for the info about Quicken. Let’s keep in touch about accounting : )

    Anna – yes! It’s good to concentrate on the creative + left brain aspects of business at the same time. A creative zone is SO important. Once set up, it will be easier to get into the creative mindset.

    Gaia – Wonderful to meet another illustrator! I signed up for dailyworth.com great!

    Deb – Yeah, my goals are focused but life already has gotten me off track! At least I have goals to refer back to and focus my attention.

    Cyn – Thanks! I feel so lucky to be featured! See ya at #indiebizchat ! My jacket is from Free People, my most fav brand! Got it a few years ago but you can’t go wrong with freepeople.com for great fashion.

    Liz – Thank you! Yep, I’ll try Quicken. I’m working on a mini portfolio of all my best t-shirt graphics + textile designs. I plan on having it on 5×7 cards to mail in envelopes. Maybe I’ll make a downloadable .pdf to share!

  8. twitter.com/CandiedFabrics

    I agree, this picture is FABULOUS! You’ve got a great start to 2010 – go go go!

  9. stephanie

    What a fun photo!!!Great goals, and congrats on your feature!

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