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I sketched these at Handmade Brigade of OC’s Block Party at my craft booth. It was fun seeing people’s responses to my sketches. I am always surprised to hear “I wish I could do that” or “I can’t draw.” I tell folks who say that that anyone can draw! All it takes is practice, just like anything else! I try to draw every day, if I can, though sometimes it’s doodling while on the phone or drawing in Illustrator for my graphic design work.

I try to let myself experiment and try new things. Earlier this year I took a Personal Finance class so I could learn accounting, how to save for retirement, etc. Why not try something new and play with it? There’s so much to learn and we only hold ourselves back.

But it’s OK not to do everything yourself. ┬áSome things (like car maintenance) I’d rather leave to the professionals!

For the folks who would rather hire someone to draw or design something for them, I would like to extend an offer for services. I can design your party invitation, do the marketing materials for your business, draw your portrait, illustrate for your ‘zine, or design your rock band’s flyer! I have a bunch of experience, if you’d like to peruse my portfolio.

I thought I’d throw this out there since I have been getting random requests from people checking out my booth at craft shows. If you’ve been looking for help, I can help!

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