society of illustrators LA – art in the park

Last weekend Teo “SpiderTeo” Teodoro and I went to Society of Illustrators Los Angeles‘ Art in the Park. It was a lovely grey day at Griffith Park, super early in the morning (OK it was only 9am but it was a Saturday!). A bunch of illustrators met up to draw, paint, and/or gossip. We met some really great artists. Everyone’s style was completely different and it was cool to see all the different interpretations of our Spanish-inspired model.

That’s Teo up above. Very serious art goin’ on!

Here’s another illustration, the first one I did this session.

Here’s a couple of links to other posts about the event!


Society of Illustrators LA

Vivian Nguyen

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  1. Vivian Nguyen

    Hi Aileen! Love your sketches & beautiful work overall on your site! Thanks for visiting as well. Hope to see you around again soon. Best wishes :)

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