my studio!

Welcome to my studio/master bedroom! You’ll see my inspiration board, my project plans, my tools, the rad sewing machine Matt gave me and various trinkets.

Here’s my tools up close. Many pens are housed in vintage tin canisters. My sad broken ceramic owl is bound by a rubber band until I fix her. This is just a small portion of my gadgetry.

I am way inspired by vintage jewelry. Here you see my bracelet and ring collection along with my newish painting “Blow me a Kiss” next to my vintage lucite purse.

Here you see the majority of my jewelry. All necklaces! On the top of my bookshelf is a couple of vintage wicker purses, there’s a Mary Poppins plate, some Julie West toys gifted to me by the artist herself!, some creepy wax hands, a flapper doll I made in Paul Frank’s character design class I took ages ago, some silkscreening screens and file boxes…

My bed has a cute canopy I created from vintage fabric and IKEA curtains! A relative made the top crocheted blanket. You’ll see my ultra-vain 6 foot mirror that everyone hates moving!

I spend a lot of time here! My iMac is my work station as well as my TV. : ) You’ll see my screen printed fabric, my new project I am working on, lots of rocks and stones, a tiny Warhammer figure that Matt painted for me next to the vintage picture frame, and I would go crazy without my handy Wacom tablet for drawing on the computer.

Thanks for taking a peek! I love my vintage treasures mixed in with my art and inspiration. No wonder I spend so much time indoors!

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6 responses to “my studio!”

  1. Alice Young

    Aileen! I love your studio/bedroom! I love seeing into people’s work space and living environment because it gives such insight to their creative process. Just one question… did you have to clean up before taking the pics? ;) ♥Alice

  2. Tracey Taylor


  3. Donna Watson

    Really enjoyed your studio, Aileen…Being in graphic design myself, it’s fun to see that we creative types all have lots of toys and lots of color!

  4. Dianna Agzour

    Just started following your blog. I just love this post showing your creative space. Lot’s of great eye candy to keep you inspired!

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